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Brendovi - Divela

YIMOR d.o.o. Domaljevac

S. Radića 22, 76233 Domaljevac, BiH
Telefon: ++ 387 (0)31 791-047
Telefax: ++ 387 (0)31 792-016
Web: www.yimor.ba
E-mail: info@yimor.ba

With passion since 1890
Good things are always the simple. This is the secret of a successful company.
Divella, since 1890, is a producer of durum wheat: a history that began when Francesco Divella made his first mill for grinding grain in Rutigliano, a small agricultural town near Bari. Over the years, the daily work of many people has paid off. They have transformed the company, now in its fourth generation, to a cornerstone of the food sector in the world.





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